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Honoring the largest of the large Missouri cases

Each year, Missouri Lawyers Media tracks hundreds of verdicts, settlements, judgments and arbitration awards from around the state and beyond. The Top Verdicts & Settlements program honors the largest cases we reported. We recognize the attorneys in these cases at our Missouri Lawyers Awards.

2021: Top V&S winners announced

2020: In 2020, jury trials few and far between
Plaintiff wins | Defense wins | Other verdicts & Out of State | Digital Edition

2019:  The year of the empty chair: For some big cases, the defense was MIA
Plaintiff wins | Defense wins | Out of State | Digital Edition

2018: Record 2018 verdict becomes 2019 appellate fight
Plaintiff Wins | Defense Wins | Out of State | Digital Edition

2017: Compelling tale turns into two top cases
Plaintiff Wins | Defense Wins | Out of State | Digital Edition

2016: 3 verdicts, 2 narratives: Contentious talc cases dominate biggest verdicts
Plaintiff Wins | Defense Wins | Digital Edition

2015: Plaintiffs in litigation cases had a good 2015
Plaintiff Wins | Defense Wins | Out of State | Confidential settlements

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