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Submit your Verdicts & Settlements

Staff Report//November 21, 2019

Submit your Verdicts & Settlements

Staff Report//November 21, 2019

Please keep in mind before submitting: 

  • Missouri Lawyers Media is a news platform, and we regard Verdicts & Settlements reports as news articles. We treat any information listed in your submission as fair game to publish, and we may supplement your submission with additional reporting.
  • With some exceptions, we will publish confidential settlements that are reached out-of-court. You may withhold details such as the case number and caption, the identities of the defense counsel and other identifying information. However, you must provide the dollar amount of the settlement. Our rule is that you may withhold either the amount or the identifying details, but not both.
  • Talk to opposing counsel before you submit. Remember, your confidentiality agreement does not bind Missouri Lawyers Media: If you’ve told us about it, we are free to publish it unless we specifically agree not to do so.
  • There are some cases we won’t publish as confidential reports. We don’t withhold information from cases that are tried in open court, including settlements approved by a judge and accompanied by a publicly available judgment. We also don’t accept confidential settlements involving public bodies subject to Missouri’s Sunshine Law. Our policy is to request such records and publish the result even if the attorney submitted it on a confidential basis.
  • If your case has gotten press coverage or is obviously linked to a high-profile incident, we may not be able to honor a request for confidentiality. Keep in mind that even if we agree to leave out identifying information, nothing prevents other media outlets from reading our report and connecting the dots.

If you have any questions, contact Senior Reporter Scott Lauck at 816-384-1831 or [email protected].

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