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Top Plaintiffs Verdicts 2017

Staff Report//February 8, 2018//

Top Plaintiffs Verdicts 2017

Staff Report//February 8, 2018//

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Rank Case Number V/S Type Total Value V/S Date Type of Action Court Caption Prevailing Attorneys
1 1616-CV00705 J $120,000,000 10/5/2017 Personal Injury Jackson County J.F.H. v. Joseph T. Mackey

Randall Rhodes, Jeff Rowe and Rachel Boden of Rouse Frets Gentile Rhodes, Leawood, Kansas

2 1422-CC09326-01 V $110,000,000 5/4/2017 Personal Injury St. Louis City Court Lois Slemp v. Johnson & Johnson

Jim Onder, Stephanie Rados, Wylie Blair, Onder Law Firm, St Louis

3 1116-CV09480 J $100,000,000 2/28/2017 Personal Injury Jackson County Confidential v. Scott Bradshaw

Randall Rhodes, Jeff Rowe and Rachel Boden of Rouse Frets Gentile Rhodes, Leawood, Kansas

4 6:15-cv-03519 S $61,025,761 7/7/2017 MMPA U.S. District Court, WDMO Andrew Tyler Foster, et al. v. L-3 Communications

Tim Dollar of Dollar, Burns & Becker, Kansas City; Craig R. Heidemann and Nathan A. Duncan of Douglas, Haun & Heidemann, Bolivar

5 17AC-CC00023 J $44,631,268 7/13/2017 Product Liability Cole County Derek Hart v. Knockerball MidMo, LLC

Jill Harper and Ron Netemeyer of Harper Evans Wade & Netemeyer, Columbia

 6 6:15-cv-3283  S $34,000,000 5/18/2017 False Claims Act U.S. District Court, WDMO United States, Viran Roger Holden v. Mercy Hospital Springfield, Mercy Clinic Springfield Communities

Lucinda S. Woolery of U.S. Attorney’s Office, Kansas City; Jenifer M. Placzek of Placzek Winget & Placzek, Springfield

7  4:14-cv-00069  J  $32,424,930 9/7/2017 Telephone Consumer Protection Act U.S. District Court, EDMO Ron Golan, Dorit Golan v.,
AIC Communications LLC
John G. Simon and Kevin M. Carnie Jr of The Simon Law Firm, St. Louis; Ronald J. Eisenberg and Robert Schultz of Schultz & Associates, Chesterfield
8  1531-CC00861  V $28,911,000 3/3/2017  Medical Malpractice Greene County Emilee Williams v. Mercy Clinic Springfield
Communities, f/k/a St. John’s Clinic, Inc.
Steve Garner and Nick Smart of Strong-Garner-Bauer, Springfield
9  1416-CV08608 J $17,000,000  1/30/2017 Personal Injury  Jackson County Marco Jaimes-Carmona, Rosalva Galvan Roque v. Steve Robinson  Langdon & Emison, Lexington
10 16AB-CC00047  V  $14,245,545 11/3/2017  Medical Malpractice Franklin County Vincent Lowe v. Mercy Clinic East Communities, Bryan J. Menges, D.O., James D. Cassat, M.D., Mercy Hospitals East Communities Rachel Roman and David Zevan of Zevan Davidson Roman, St. Louis; Mark Brinkman and Wiliam Robinson of Becker Robinson Brinkman & Fulford, Union
 11 4:15-md-02669 S $11,200,000  11/20/2017  Data Security U.S. District Court, EDMO In Re: Ashley Madison Customer Data Security Breach Litigation

Douglas P. Dowd, Dowd & Dowd, St. Louis; John J. Driscoll, The Driscoll Firm, St. Louis

 12  Not Filed S $11,000,000  9/23/2017  Negligent Supervision, Sexual Assault N/A Confidential        Confidential v. Confidential Grant C. Boyd and Travis L. Noble Jr. of Sindel Noble, St. Louis
13 13HE-CC00099  J  $10,700,000 1/26/2017 Personal Injury Henry County  James Philpott, Mary Philpott v. Kansas City Power & Light

Ken McClain and Michael S. Kilgore of Humphrey, Farrington & McClain Independence

14 12SL-CC00648-01  S  $10,300,000 1/30/2017 Business/Commercial  St. Louis County City of Maryland Heights Missouri, City of Winchester Missouri v. Tracfone Wireless Inc

John F. Mulligan Jr of St. Louis; John Hoffman of Korein Tillery St. Louis; Howard Paperner of St. Louis

15 15AE-CV00546  J  $10,274,704  2/28/2017 Breach of Injunction  Platte County  Sophian Plaza Association, Townsend Place Condominium, Stadium View Apartments v. City of Kansas City

Gregory Leyh of Kansas City; Richard F. Lombardo, Leland M. Shurin and Kathleen Kopach Woods of Shaffer Lombardo Shurin, Kansas City; Ken Barnes of Barnes Law Firm Kansas City

16  1522-CC10079 V $9,500,000 Personal Injury  St. Louis City Benny L. Bell v. Smith & Nephew Inc., Hamid Redjal, Orthopedic Associates of Southeast Missouri P.C.

Martin Perron and Maria Perron, The Perron Law Firm, St. Louis

 17 Confidential  S $7,500,000 9/27/2017 Wrongful Death Confidential Confidential v. Confidential Michael C. Rader and Michelle Marvel of Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader, Leawood, Kansas
17  1716-CV17020  J $7,500,000 8/22/2017 Motor Vehicle Collision Jackson County B.H., a minor, by and through guardian ad litem v. Latasha Green, by and through defendant ad litem

Ben T. Friesen and Stephen J. Torline of Kuckelman Torline Kirkland, Overland Park, Kansas

 19 1531-CC01018  V $7,300,000 8/28/2017 Business/Commercial  Greene County  Meadowfresh Solutions USA, LLC, John “Jock” Fulton, Susan Fulton v. Maple Grove Farms, LLC, Ted Dahlstrom, Carol Dahlstom, Curtis Hall, Lisa Hall, Kyle Bounous, Leon Rinehart, All American Cattle Leasing, LLC, Animal Clinic of Monett, Inc. Jacob Sappington and Kayla M. Campbell of Sanders Warren Russell & Scheer, Springfield
 20  15BU-CV03037  V $7,214,659 3/20/2017 Wrongful Death  Buchanan County James K. Sullwold, individually and as personal representative of the estate of Lois Darlene Sullwold v. Heartland Regional Medical Center William Bird of Bird Law Firm, St. Joseph
 21  Confidential  S  $6,750,000  5/10/2017  Medical Malpractice Confidential  Confidential v. Confidential Mike Meyer and James P. Frickleton of Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader, Leawood, Kansas
 22 1516-CV00847 V $6,300,000  1/23/2017 Motor Vehicle Collision Jackson County  Roger Ross, Lorinda Ross v. Jeschke Ag Service LLC

Louis Accurso and Burton Haigh of Accurso Law Firm, Kansas City

 23  1416-CV14245  V  $6,104,332 11/1/2017 Breach of Fiduciary Duty Jackson County PHC Holding Company,
LLC and ASMM, LLC, vs. Amit Raizada, Raizada Group,
LP; Spectrum Business Ventures, Inc.
(SBV); Spectrum Management, LLC; EC
Holdings, LLC; and SBV Miami, LLC.

Dan Blegen, German May,
Kansas City

 24  1416-CV22910  V  $5,750,000 7/28/2017 Personal Injury Jackson County  Jeffery Harris v. David G. Jungerman

Tom Pickert and Ryan Fowler of Fowler Pickert Eisenmenger, Kansas City

25 4:15-cv-01370 S  $5,600,000  3/31/2017  Tort  U.S. District Court, EDMO Stars Investment Group LLC, Stars Design Group Inc. v. AT&T, MasTec North America Inc., Four Winds
Construction LLC

Eric M. Trelz and Laura A. Bentele of Armstrong Teasdale, St. Louis

 26  13BU-CV05632  S $5,000,000 9/18/2017  Personal Injury  Buchanan County George W. Giles v. Carmi Flavor and Fragrance Company Inc

Kenneth B. McClain of Humphrey, Farrington &
McClain, Independence

 26  15AC-CC00484  S $5,000,000 7/24/2017  Wrongful Death Cole County Patricia A. Preiss v. Alyssa D. Bustamante Bruce R. Bartlett, Clayton
26  15AL-CC00047  V $5,000,000  6/30/2017  Personal Injury Howell County Jessica Wodohodsky v. Jerry Hall, David Hall, David Gourley, Whetstone Veterinary Clinic

Chandler Gregg and Nick Smart of Strong-Garner-Bauer, Springfield

 26 Confidential  S  $5,000,000 1/9/2017  Wrongful Death St. Louis City Confidential v. Confidential  James D. O’Leary of Onder, Shelton, O’Leary & Peterson, St Louis
 26 2:15-cv-04257  S  $5,000,000 4/10/2017 Wrongful Death U.S. District Court, WDMO John P. Lipp, Stephanie S. Lipp v. Ginger C, LLC,
American Campus Communities, Inc
A.W. Smith of The A.W. Smith Law Firm, Columbia; Joseph A. Kronawitter and Robert A. Horn of Horn Aylward & Bandy, Kansas City
 31  1516-CV24116 V $4,350,000  7/31/2017 Employment  Jackson County Patricia L. Daniels v. State of Missouri, Department of Social Services, Division of Youth Services

Kevin Baldwin and Eric Vernon of Baldwin & Vernon, Liberty

 32  15CM-CC00287  S $4,150,000 10/24/2017  Real Estate & Construction  Camden County Bella Sera Condominium Owners Association, Inc. v. Irongate, LLC, Keleher Building Group, LLC, Jim Kissick, Michael Keleher, Charles Laue, Casey Masters, Dick Masinton Scott C. Long and Burke D. Robinson of Long & Robinson, Kansas City
 33 Confidential S  $4,000,000 8/28/2017  Wrongful Death  Jackson County  Confidential v. Confidential

Jared Rose of The Law Office of Jared A. Rose, Kansas City; Ken Barnes of Barnes Law Firm, Kansas City

 34  Confidential S  $3,500,000  12/15/2017 Medical Malpractice Jackson County  Confidential v. Confidential  James P. Frickleton and Mike Meyer, Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader, Leawood, Kansas
35 4:16-cv-01403  J $2,700,000  10/6/2017 Insurance  U.S. District Court, EDMO Amica Mutual Insurance Company v. Confidential

Robert W. Cockerham and Ryan T. Knopf of
Cockerham & Associates, St. Louis

36 1516-CV14372  V  $2,548,354  8/7/2017  Business/Commercial Jackson County Timothy Kramer v. Cynthia Davenport and her firm, Davenport, Tomko & Butler

Scott Waddell of Waddell Law Firm, Kansas City; Jim Myers of Shaffer Lombardo Shurin, Kansas City

 37  4:17-mc-00552 A $2,228,430 6/30/2017 Employment U.S. District Court, WDMO The Childrens Mercy Hospital v. Alliance for Community Health, LLC, Molina Healthcare of Illinois, Inc James D. Griffin and Lisa M. Bolliger of Scharnhorst Ast Kennard Griffin, Kansas City
 38 1622-CC01901 S  $2,200,000  12/19/2017  Wrongful Death  St. Louis City Terherra Givens (Scarlett Rose Jones), Jade Lee, through next friend Lisa Lee v. Neo Atomic, LLC d/b/a Atomic Cowboy, Eric Wolf

Brian McChesney of Ortwerth & McChesney, St. Louis; Martin Minnigerode of Law Office of Martin Minnigerode, St. Louis; Aaron Haber of Muchnick Haber Margolis, St. Louis; Andrea McNairy of Brown & Crouppen, St. Louis; Lorenzo Hester and Melissa Griffeth of The Hester Group, St. Louis

 39  12CY-CV03602 V $2,147,334  7/11/2017 MMPA Clay County  David Heckadon, Diana Lynn Heckadon v. Chad Franklin, CFS Enterprises, Inc., Chad Franklin National Auto Sales Douglass F. Noland of Noland Law Firm, Liberty
40 17CY-CV02803  S $2,100,000  5/3/2017  Motor Vehicle Collision  Clay County Sylvia Skali, as Spouse of Michael Skali, Deceased, Lisa Tylinski as Daugher of Michael Skali, Kimberly Skali, as Daugher of Michael Skali v. Mark Tobin, Tobin Lawn and Landscape  Robert A. Thrasher and David M. Mayer of Monsees & Mayer, Kansas City
40 17BB-CC00054 S $2,100,000 7/6/2017 Personal Injury Warren County Roger and Andrea Romaker v. Abilene Gatson Todd R. Nissenholtz of Cofman Townsley, St. Louis
 42 Confidential  S $1,950,000 10/10/2017 Medical Malpractice  St. Louis County Sharon Honerkamp v. Confidential  Mark Cantor and Brian Winebright of Cantor Injury Law, St. Louis
43 Not Filed  S $1,822,996  6/28/2017  Motor Vehicle Collision  Cass County Confidential v. Confidential  Laurie L. Del Percio of The Horn Law Firm
 44  Confidential  S $1,750,000 10/13/2017 Premises Liability  Confidential Confidential v. Confidential Shaun M. Falvey of Goldblatt + Singer, Clayton
44 14JE-CC01001  V $1,750,000  11/2/2017 Motor Vehicle Collision Jefferson County  Joseph Lunsford v. Joseph Yount, Christian Disposal, LLC

Brent A. Sumner of Sumner Law Group, St. Louis; Benjamin Sansone of Sansone & Lauber, St. Louis

 46 1631-CC00356 S $1,700,000 4/7/2017 Personal Injury Greene County Amanda Davis v. Campbell 16 Cine Chandler Gregg of Strong-Garner-Bauer, Springfield
47 14JO-CCOO290 V $1,657,538 11/6/2017 Declaratory Judgment  Johnson County  Gary Neer, Gary Neer, Personal Representative, Rita Carter, Judy Hicks, Ryan Hicks, Amy Madison, Jennifer Gould, Jeff Neer v. Charles Byers, Charlee Abboud,
Darrel Munroe
Jason Rew and Oswald Roam of Oswald Roam & Rew, Blue Springs
 48  1431-CC00125 V $1,630,000 1/13/2017 Personal Injury Greene County Trevor Godfrey v. Omega Psi Phi, Omicron Kappa Chapter  Steve Garner and Nick Smart of Strong-Garner-Bauer, Springfield
 49 1531-AC04378-01 J  $1,500,000  9/1/2017  Personal Injury  Greene County  Abbie Jones v. David Gregory, Sarah Gregory  M. Scott Montgomery of The Montgomery Law Firm, Springfield
50 13CY-CV03341 V  $1,432,741  8/1/2017  MMPA Clay County Lillian M. Lewellen v. Chad Franklin, Chad Franklin National Auto Sales North, LLC, CFS Enterprises, Inc. Douglass F. Noland and Kate E. Noland of Noland Law Firm, Liberty
 51  16SL-CC01147  S $1,425,000 3/23/2017 Motor Vehicle Collision St. Louis County Jeremy Lancaster, Abigail Lancaster v. Clayton Buck

Anthony S. Bruning, Ryan L. Bruning and
A.J. Bruning of The Bruning Law Firm, St. Louis

 52 Confidential  S $1,300,000 3/6/2017  Motor Vehicle Collision  Confidential  Confidential v. Confidential  

Shaun M. Falvey of The Bradley Law Firm, St. Louis

53 16NW-CV00202 V  $1,266,286 6/16/2017  Personal Injury  Newton County  Daniel S. Hines v. A & O Transportations, Inc., FedEx Ground Package Systems Inc

Abe Paul of The Paul Law Firm, Pineville; Steve Garner and Jacob Lewis of Strong-Garner-Bauer, Springfield

54 1631-CC01668  S $1,250,000  3/9/2017 Motor Vehicle Collision Greene County Shirley Johnson, Myesha Dean, as Next Friend of Destiney Johnson v. Jordan Neeley-Smith Robert A. Thrasher and David M. Mayer of Monsees & Mayer, Kansas City; Pamela Brennan of Law Offices for Pamela Brennan, Belleville, Illinois
 55 Not Filed S $1,100,000 6/14/2017  Motor Vehicle Collision  St. Louis County Corey Randle v. Michael Hawkins  James R. Cantalin of Brown & Crouppen, St. Louis
56 Confidential  S  $1,075,000 8/3/2017  FELA Railroad  Confidential Confidential v. Confidential  Leonard P. Cervantes and Phillip A. Cervantes of Cervantes & Associates, St. Louis
 57 15SL-CC00163 V  $1,050,000 4/7/2017  Personal Injury St. Louis County Danny Brock v. Peter Dunne as defendant ad litem for Mark Edwards Patrick K. Bader and Jacob C. Murov of Bader & Murov, St. Louis
58  1616-CV03974 S  $1,025,000  8/29/2017 Negligence  Jackson County Wayne Kindrick, et al. v. Midwestern General Brokers, Inc., d/b/a Westrope and Associates

Stephen J. Torline, Michael T. Crabb, Ben T. Friesen and Michael J. Kuckelman of Kuckelman Torline Kirkland, Overland Park, Kansas

 59 No Filed  S $1,000,000  2/21/2017 Personal Injury  Boone County  Chris Batzel v. Rick’s Home and Commercial Repair, LLC  Thad Mulholland of Eng & Woods, Columbia
59 17BU-CV00227  S $1,000,000  9/1/2017  Wrongful Death  Buchanan County  Amy Riddick, Bart Watts v. Uncle D’s Sports Bar & Grill, LLC, DeWayne Leer, Mary Leer Michael L. Taylor, Benjamin S. Creedy and Kenneth E. Siemens of Murphy, Taylor, Siemens & Elliott, St. Joseph
59 1616-CV29889  S $1,000,000 3/2/2017 Wrongful Death Jackson County Mychale Kennedy v. Care Center of Kansas City d/b/a Swope Ridge Geriatric Center  Tom Wagstaff Jr of Miller Schirger, Kansas City
59 Not Filed  S  $1,000,000 5/1/2017  Motor Vehicle Collision Ralls County  Justin Haynes v. Jessica Ferry, et al  

Kevin J. Roach of Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach
St. Louis

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