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The POWER List: Environmental & Energy Law 2023

Staff Report//November 9, 2023//

The POWER List: Environmental & Energy Law 2023

Staff Report//November 9, 2023//

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In this latest edition of THE POWER LIST, Missouri Lawyers Media examines the state’s most powerful attorneys in environmental and energy law.

We look at practitioners who pursue or defend against claims including lead poisoning of Missouri children, feared consequences of concentrated animal feeding operations and claims related to Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and other federal regulations.

These are among the top attorneys in Missouri who handle class actions and other toxic tort defense matters regarding PFAS, nuclear waste exposure and dangerous spills or leaks. Other attorneys on this list represent energy and utility companies in securing easements for power transmission lines, negotiating mergers and acquisitions or defending against consumer and class action suits. Many of the attorneys on this list held previous leadership roles in state government that guide their current work.

We scoured the archives of Missouri Lawyers Weekly, reviewed our database of verdicts and settlements and spoke to attorneys and other leaders to come up with a list of what we believe to be the 32 most powerful environmental and energy attorneys in Missouri. Are there attorneys who should have been included? Are there some you feel don’t belong? Let us know what you think — and watch for further editions of THE POWER LIST throughout the year.

The POWER List was written by Senior Reporter Scott Lauck and Staff Reporter Rasmus S. Jorgensen. Reach Scott at [email protected], Rasmus at [email protected], or Editor Jordan Yount at [email protected].

The POWER List for Environmental & Energy Law 2023

Pamela Barker

Brittany Barrientos

Mark Bronson

Erin L. Brooks

Frank A. Caro

Allyson Cunningham

William J. Curtis

Aimee D. Guzman Davenport

David R. Erickson

Christopher E. Erker

Kyle E. Foote

Ellen S. Goldman

Anthony D. Gray

Stephen Jeffery

Ryan A. Keane

Ryan Russell Kemper

Anna R. Kimbrell

Brian J. Madden

Jessica Merrigan

Adam E. Miller

Bruce A. Morrison

Jeremiah “Jay” Nixon

Julie O’Keefe

James T. (Jim) Price

Sarah Rubenstein

Kurt U. Schaefer

Paul Sonderegger

Stacy J. Stotts

Brogan T. Sullivan

Amy L. Wachs

Lon Walters

Karl Zobrist

The POWER List: Environmental & Energy Law 2023

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