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Consultant: Big data and online studies upending jury selection

It may sound creepy, said John Campbell, but it’s true: The amount of data online about private individuals is so vast, it’s possible for an informed attorney to walk into jury selection with his or her ideal jurors already picked. ...

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Mass class actions are dead — or are they?

Corporate executives across the U.S. may have breathed a sigh of relief after the U.S. Supreme Court found for Wal-Mart in a sex discrimination case, but some plaintiffs’ lawyers weren’t convinced it would hurt their clients’ cases. Other attorneys disagreed.

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‘Litigation machinery’ forecloses arbitration

Attorney John Campbell opened an e-mail alert from the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday morning with some apprehension. At stake was his class action lawsuit against a payday lender that wanted the matter to be arbitrated. And while Campbell thought he had a sensible argument against arbitration, it was a "close call based on the law that existed."

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Medical malpractice trial opens – then shuts

A medical malpractice lawsuit against a doctor with a history of drug and alcohol abuse settled on Tuesday after two hours of opening arguments. John Campbell sued Dr. Michael Impey and his employer, Des Peres Medical Specialists, alleging that the doctor botched his colonoscopy and tore a hole in his colon while under the influence of oxycodone.

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Class action certified to include every Missouri automobile dealer

An unusual statewide class action lawsuit pending in federal court has the potential to affect scores of lawsuits alleging that car dealerships charging for document preparation engage in the unauthorized practice of law. The case, Louis Perry v. Lovergreen Ford ...

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