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WJA 2022: Laura Greene

Laura GreeneHusch Blackwell

As an English major at Southeast Missouri State University, Laura Greene learned that she enjoys writing and editing, but teaching English is not her calling. Her father was an officer in the U.S. Marines Corps and acted as an attorney during his time of service. She grew up with an attorney mindset and felt a natural pull toward law as a career.

Greene now holds a JD from Boston University School of Law and is an equity partner in her firm. She practices in the areas of commercial litigation and health law regulatory compliance with emphases in complex civil litigation, business risk management, health, hospitality and management-side employment law. An award-winning litigator, she is known and appreciated as a devoted client advocate.

One of her most memorable cases involved a federal claim against their client, a national outdoor retailer. “This was one of my most intellectually interesting cases,” Greene says. “I even had to travel to Puerto Rico for depositions in the middle of winter. We argued this multi-million dollar case in federal court, and we obtained a complete defense judgment for our client.”

Most of Greene’s clients are corporations. Most of her cases are defense cases that involve complex commercial litigation with high dollar amounts at stake. She obtained one of Missouri’s 2010 top 10 defense verdicts in civil litigation. The case involved a contract claim against her firm’s client, a transportation company.

As a leader in her firm, Greene mentors new associates as they come on board. She also revamped the firm’s summer associate program by adding more hands-on training, an introduction to the community, and more help in finding their area of interest and ways to hone their expertise.

She especially enjoys helping new women associates find their area of expertise and professional path, learn to balance their time, and learn how to develop relationships with their clients. “I want them to know that as an attorney, we aren’t just preparing another contract or appearing in court,” she says. “We must really understand what our clients want and need.”

In addition to her legal practice, Greene serves as a leader in the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks because water conservation issues are important to her. She also volunteers with the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri. Her involvement with Leadership Springfield has provided her with many important connections.

Greene’s husband is also an attorney. They met while he, his father and his brother also worked at Husch Blackwell. One of her personal successes was homeschooling their school-aged daughter for three years. “I left the firm to provide our daughter with the additional support and guidance she needed,” she says. “When the pandemic hit, I also successfully transitioned to full remote work. Then I helped her transition back into a traditional school setting.”

Greene and her family enjoy kayaking and hiking at the family cabin on Missouri’s Finley River. They also explore the world together, most recently on a cruise to the Cayman Islands. A voracious reader with a strong interest in psychological thrillers, she is currently writing her first novel.

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