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Author Archives: Alyson E. Raletz

Forfeiture case finally settles in Kansas City

The Kansas City Police Department and plaintiffs alleging wrongful property seizures reached a nearly $1.2 million settlement, ending class action litigation that started 10 years ago. Jackson County Circuit Judge Brian Wimes approved the settlement April 8. Wimes also signed ...

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Silya Teixeira

Student editors-in-chief of law reviews come and go, but Silya Teixeira separated herself from the pack. “I’m kind of hard core,” Teixeira says.

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Ex-college recruiter sues over firing

Plaintiff Tatyana Tasheva Gospodinova claims Pinnacle Career Institute breached “clear public policy” when it terminated her for failing to meet enrollment quotas of for-profit online courses, according to a lawsuit she filed Tuesday in Jackson County Circuit Court.

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Verdicts nearly cancel out each other

Seven weeks of wrangling over a verdict that could have yielded as much as $2 million for the defendant or as little as nothing for both parties has come in closer to the latter. The defendant, a national drug distributor, did come out slightly ahead

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James mulls arts role for Burke

Kansas City mayor-elect Sly James still is working out plans for his attorney opponent from the March election. Ever since election night, James pledged to involve his contender, Mike Burke, in his mayoral administration, although the extent of that involvement has been unclear.

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Eight seek prosecutor position

Eight people have applied to serve as Jackson County’s next prosecuting attorney, a county spokesman said Friday. The county hasn’t yet released the names of the applicants and it is unknown whether it will do so before scheduled interviews on April 25. The interviews will be open to the public, however.

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