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Personal Injury Law 2022

The POWER List: Personal Injury Law 2022

In this latest edition of THE POWER LIST, a regular feature from Missouri Lawyers Media, we examine the most powerful attorneys in personal injury law.

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The POWER List: John G. Simon

John G. Simon serves as the managing partner of The Simon Law Firm. He reports having secured more than 150 verdicts and settlements of $1 million or more — sometimes a lot more.

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The POWER List: Gary C. Robb and Anita Porte Robb

Gary and Anita Robb launched their firm in 1984 after earning their law degrees from The University of Michigan. It was the start of one of the most powerful husband-and-wife legal teams in Missouri.

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The POWER List: Phyllis Norman-Komoroski

Phyllis Norman-Komoroski has long been a leader in the Kansas City legal community, fighting at every turn to support other women in the profession.

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The POWER List: Gretchen Myers

Gretchen Myers is the owner and founder of one of the few woman-owned and operated personal injury firms in Missouri.

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The POWER List: James Montee

James Montee is a regular on Northwest Missouri billboards — and has garnered some of the highest verdict and settlement wins reported in the state.

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