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Water company settles class claim for pipe-clogging calcium

Scott Lauck//February 3, 2023//

Water company settles class claim for pipe-clogging calcium

Scott Lauck//February 3, 2023//

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A Platte County circuit judge gave final approval to a $6 million settlement for a class of water customers who alleged their appliances and plumbing were damaged by excessive calcium scaling.

The lead plaintiff, Jason Strohm, alleged in a 2016 petition that Missouri-American Water Company, or MAWC, had provided water that contained excessive particles that allegedly clogged pipes and faucets and caused property damage.

The suit didn’t allege that the calcium scaling affected the suitability or safety of the water for consumption or that it presented any health risks.

MAWC denied the allegations and said that its water complies with state and federal water quality regulations and is safe to drink. However, it agreed to the settlement to avoid the expense and uncertainty of further litigation.

The settlement of up to $6 million includes all water customers in Platte County between April 28, 2011, and Dec. 5, 2017. The agreement provides payments ranging from $500 to $50, depending on the property that was damaged and the type of proof the customer could produce.

Judge James Van Amburg gave preliminary approval to the settlement on Feb. 2 and final approval on May 13. According to his order, just one household validly opted out. The settlement includes $2.4 million in fees for class counsel from Williams Dirks Dameron in Kansas City, as well as a $10,000 payment to Strohm and $2,000 for class members who actively participated in the litigation.

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$6 million settlement

Property Damage

Venue: Platte County Circuit Court

Case Number/Date: 16AE-CV01252/May 13, 2022

Judge: James Van Amburg

Caption: Jason Strohm v. Missouri-American Water Company

Plaintiffs’ Attorneys: Matthew L. Dameron and Amy R. Jackson, Williams Dirks Dameron, Kansas City

Defendants’ Attorneys: Elizabeth Murray, Baty Otto Coronado Scheer, Kansas City; Robert H. Shaw, McGinness & Shaw, Platte City

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