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Tag Archives: ACLU of Missouri

Missouri open records lawsuit sent back to lower court

A Missouri appeals court on Tuesday sent a lawsuit over fees charged by Missouri Gov. Mike Parson's administration for an open records request back to a lower court for further consideration.

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Public defenders sued for use of waiting lists

A new round of litigation is seeking to address the inadequacies of Missouri’s public defender system. A class-action lawsuit has been filed in Cole County Circuit Court, alleging that the use of public defender “waiting lists” is unconstitutional. The suit ...

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Lawsuit: 4,600 on Missouri public defender ‘waitlists’

Civil rights advocates filed a lawsuit to end Missouri’s use of public defender “waitlists,” a practice they contend deprives thousands of people of their right to court-appointed counsel. A petition filed Wednesday in the Circuit Court of Cole County seeks ...

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Judge: Settlement ‘not the vehicle’ for reforms to public defender caseloads

A federal judge has refused to approve a settlement that would have set limits on Missouri public defender caseloads, saying it is “not the vehicle” to ensure the state meets its obligations to indigent criminal defendants. In a Jan. 27 ...

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ACLU sues Texas County judge and deputies, alleging illegal detention and drug testing

The ACLU of Missouri has sued a Texas County judge and deputies for allegedly illegally detaining three people and testing them for drugs without probable cause. The ACLU filed the suit Sept. 30 in the U.S. District Court for the ...

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Supreme Court denies ACLU application for abortion-referendum petition

The Missouri Supreme Court will not consider the ACLU of Missouri’s arguments that the state of Missouri should expedite the referendum process to enable it to start collecting signatures earlier as part of its efforts to undo new abortion regulations. ...

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