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Tag Archives: Administrative Law

State’s reason to stop union payroll deductions don’t hold up, Western District says

Missouri Court of Appeals Western District

After a corrections officers’ union fought the state’s decision to revoke its payroll deductions, the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District affirmed a lower court’s position siding with the corrections officers.

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Administrative Law: Social Security-Denial Of Benefits-Impairment

Where a claimant of disability and disability-insurance benefits under the Social Security Act challenged the denial of benefits, the judgment is affirmed because substantial evidence supported the finding that her impairment did not meet or equal any listing because her ...

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Administrative Law: Disability Insurance-Residual Functional Capacity-Sufficiency of Evidence

Petitioner appealed from the order of the district court affirming the denial of defendant’s application for disability insurance and supplemental security income. Where the administrative law judge’s conclusion regarding petitioner’s residual functional capacity was supported by substantial evidence after ALJ ...

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Administrative Law: Child Abuse Registry-Removal Of Name-Attorneys’ Fees

here the state challenged the removal of a mother’s name from the Child Abuse and Neglect Registry, arguing that she failed to provide proper support for her daughter after the daughter’s sexual abuse by her ex-husband, the judgment is affirmed ...

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Administrative Law: Social Security-Denial Of Benefits

Where a claimant challenged the denial of disability insurance benefits, the judgment is affirmed because the record supported the determination by the administrative law judge that the claimant’s neck and back problems were not severe impairments. Judgment is affirmed. Pratt ...

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Administrative: Tax- Fraud Penalties

Plaintiffs appealed from the tax court’s decision upholding the Commissioner of Internal Revenue’s determination that plaintiffs were liable for fraud penalties for tax years 2011-2013. For the reasons expressed by the tax court, the court ruled that the commissioner’s determination ...

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