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Tag Archives: Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Criminal Law: Credit for Time Served-Subject Matter Jurisdiction-Failure to Exhaust Administrative Remedies

Petitioner petitioned for declaratory judgment, claiming he was entitled to six years of additional jail credits towards his sentences. The trial court dismissed the petition for lack of subject matter jurisdiction, concurring the department that petitioner had failed to exhaust ...

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Employment Law: MHRA-Right-To-Sue Letter-Subject-Matter Jurisdiction

Where a trial court dismissed a defendant employer’s motion to dismiss in an age-discrimination action, agreeing with the employer’s argument that the court lacked subject-matter jurisdiction because there was not an allegation in the petition that the plaintiff had received ...

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Civil Practice: Subject-Matter Jurisdiction-Federal Tax Liability

Where taxpayers challenged the dismissal of their civil suit challenging their liability for federal taxes and penalties, the district court did not err in dismissing the complaint for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction. Judgment is affirmed. Francis v. U.S. (MLW No. ...

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Civil Practice: Pro Se Complaint-Dismissal-Subject Matter Jurisdiction

  Plaintiff appealed the dismissal of her pro se complaint for lack of subject matter jurisdiction Where the court found no basis for reversal, it affirmed the dismissal of her complaint. Judgment is affirmed. Coulter v. Bank of Ozarks, Inc. ...

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