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Tag Archives: tortious interference

Torts: Tortious Interference-Sufficiency of Evidence-Damages

Where an oil producer challenged a jury verdict for a independent trucking contractor who alleged that the oil producer had tortuously interfered with the business relationship between the contractor and his best customer, the evidence was sufficient to support the ...

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Insurance Law: Denial Of Coverage-Fraudulent Misrepresentation-Tortious Interference

(1)Where  a car buyer challenged the denial of insurance coverage on her claim that an auto dealer committed fraudulent misrepresentation, the judgment is affirmed in part because the policy unambiguously did not provide coverage for the intentional-fraudulent-misrepresentation claim, and the ...

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Tort : Tortious Interference –  Absence Of Justification –  Uber Dispute

Where four taxi drivers sued Uber Technologies in state court alleging tortious interference with a valid business expectancy, the dismissal for failure to state a claim is affirmed because the drivers failed to allege absence of justification. Judgment is affirmed. ...

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