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Blake D. Hill, 36

Partner, King, Krehbiel & Hellmich, St. Louis

Practice areas: General civil litigation, civil rights, title and real estate, consumer, landlord-tenant law, commercial and business, municipal

Law school: University of Mississippi

Blake Hill says the best advice he can offer young lawyers is to let no one despise them for their youth and to never be discouraged by mistakes.

“Experience breeds confidence,” he writes, “but so does preparation. Have faith in your work and let others assume the risk of underestimating you.”

Few should underestimate Hill who has spent the last decade building a record of success, first at the St. Louis Litigation Group, then at Shapiro & Weisman and now at his present firm King, Krehbiel & Hellmich where he is a partner.

“Blake is a premier attorney,” writes one opponent. “He is prepared, well-versed in the law and passionate on behalf of his clients. Even though he is on the opposite side of my cases, I find him to be easy to work with, reasonable, kind and professional.”

What has been your favorite moment as an attorney?

My most satisfying moment as an attorney came when I obtained a defense judgment for one of my clients at the close of the plaintiff’s evidence after over five years of litigation. I’ve probably never seen a client so elated at an outcome.

What inspired you to get involved in the legal profession?

When I graduated from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee, I had no plans to attend law school, but my wife did. When she registered to take the LSAT in Nashville, I signed up only so I could go with her and see a concert. She outscored me (as I am often reminded), but I held my own, which caused me to start seriously considering a legal career. But what ultimately inspired me to pursue the practice of law was observing my father-in-law, a distinguished Mississippi attorney, invest himself so fully in the profession.

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