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Tag Archives: Contract Law

Contracts: Unjust Enrichment-Equitable Retention of Benefit-Earned Benefit

On remand, the district court reconsidered plaintiff’s unjust enrichment claim against defendant. The district court again denied the claim, ruling that, although plaintiff had conferred a benefit upon defendant, it would not be inequitable for defendant to retain that benefit ...

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Contracts: Corporate Acquisition-Misappropriation of IP-Preliminary Injunction

Plaintiff acquired a family of smaller companies, with their president staying on to run the companies; the president’s wife would separately negotiate to buy back two of the acquired companies. When negotiations for the buy-back broke down, the president left ...

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Contract Law: Fraudulent Misrepresentation-Discovery Sanctions

Where a defendant in a breach-of-contract case challenged the grant of summary judgment against him, the record supported the finding that the defendant was liable for fraudulent and negligent representation and the breach of multiple contracts, and the district court ...

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Contract Law: Contract Termination-Lost-Profits Determination

Where a stainless-steel manufacturer challenged the judgment against it in a dispute that arose from a contract for the installation of an industrial egg dryer, the judgment is affirmed because the district court applied the proper legal standard, and the ...

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