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Publisher’s letter

Liz Irwin//October 23, 2019

Publisher’s letter

Liz Irwin//October 23, 2019

Google the phrase “Up and Coming,” and you’ll find lots of examples of up-and-comers as well as definitions. They explain that the adjective describes someone who is likely to achieve success in the future based on current progress.

You knew that already. Me, too. So it’s obvious why Missouri Lawyers Media chose it as the title of this annual event that recognizes remarkable attorneys early in their careers.

Liz Irwin
Liz Irwin

But I’m starting to believe we got the title all wrong.  After all, the folks highlighted on these pages are succeeding now.

Not later. Now.

Read the current career stats of these honorees, and you will see each has ticked off accomplishments most of us either find elusive or decades in the making. And yet each honoree has achieved at these high levels before reaching age 40, or while practicing for less than 10 years.

My career began when these rock stars were just greeting life. Their careers are decades away from completion with accolades we can only imagine today.

We also celebrate six mentors who personify the trajectory for the Up & Coming honorees. Not only are the honored mentors exceptional in their own careers, they pay it forward by reaching back and offering a hand up. They recognize that true success often relies on a listening ear or a word of warning about challenges they’ve faced on their own similar paths.

Each year, Missouri Lawyers Media receives scores of nominations for these honors. Poring through the achievements of so many worthy candidates is a daunting task accomplished through thoughtful, deliberate discussion.

The honorees you will read about in this section define what this award is really all about — early-career attorneys achieving at the highest levels.

It doesn’t matter what moniker we place on the award. No one will remember that.

What will be remembered is the accomplishment.


Liz Irwin

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