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ICON Awards 2020: Publisher’s letter

Liz Irwin//September 24, 2020

ICON Awards 2020: Publisher’s letter

Liz Irwin//September 24, 2020

Meet our 2020 class of legal Icons.

This annual Missouri Lawyers Media celebration honors career achievement by recognizing lawyers for their exceptional and lengthy contributions to the profession and community — those who personify the ideals of what it means to be an attorney.

Liz Irwin
Liz Irwin

Clearly, we’ve succeeded for the third year in identifying Missouri’s legal icons. Read the profiles of the 26 attorneys featured on these pages, and you will agree. After all, to even be considered for this honor, nominees must be an integral part of their businesses and routinely have made a positive impact on their communities.

And they must have reached at least the age of 60. It’s not about age, per se. After all, six decades of living doesn’t ensure accolades. Six decades of consistent remarkable contribution, however, does ensure Icon status.

These men and women aspire to a higher call, leading the way for others. The journey of each may be different, but the destination is the same — measured, thoughtful success. They are paragons in the industry who recognize the need to participate and improve their communities, however they define them.

History will continue to catalog the achievements of those we honor through the ICON Awards. But it is their work so far that we highlight through this recognition.

They set a high standard of accomplishment.

Icons tend to do that.

So we thank them — for what they’ve done, what they do and what they will do.

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