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Tag Archives: statutory sodomy

Criminal Law: Statutory Sodomy-Clothing of Testifying Victim-Attempt to Influence Jury

Defendant was convicted of first-degree statutory sodomy and sentenced to life imprisonment. On appeal, defendant argued that the trial court, despite defendant’s objection, erroneously allowed the child victim to testify while wearing a jacket from Bikers Against Child Abuse because ...

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Criminal Law: Statutory Sodomy-Jury Instructions-Consecutive Sentences

  Where a defendant challenged his convictions for statutory sodomy and child molestation, the trial court did not err in overruling the defendant’s objection to jury instructions on the statutory sodomy counts because any variance in the definition of “deviate ...

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Criminal Law: Statutory Sodomy-Split Jury-Hammer Instruction

Defendant was charged with statutory sodomy. Following several hours of deliberation, the jury reported that it was split 11-1 and could not come to a unanimous verdict. The trial court granted the state’s request to provide the “hammer instruction” to ...

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