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Author Archives: Correy E. Stephenson

Legal profession makes efforts to change attitudes, break barriers

Robert L. Grey Jr. isn’t merely musing when he says: “Wouldn’t it be great if the legal profession led the way in creating an inclusive environment for everyone to succeed?” Rather, Grey is voicing the goal he plans to achieve ...

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What every lawyer should know about e-discovery

Unfamiliar with the terminology and hesitant about technology in general, lawyers have struggled with the tidal wave of electronically stored information, or ESI, hitting the courtroom.

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ABA’s 20/20 Commission proposes final changes

With the release of a final set of proposed changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, the American Bar Association’s 20/20 Commission completed its work last month.

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What to know about e-discovery in the year ahead

Reflecting the always-changing world of technology, electronic discovery presents new challenges for lawyers in 2013. At the forefront: social media evidence, smartphone data and the judicial blessing of a new form of discovery review.

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