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Tag Archives: Sovereign Immunity

Negligence: Dangerous Condition of Public Property-Intervening Cause-Sovereign Immunity

Where appellants brought wrongful-death and personal-injury claims against a city after a car accident, arguing that the city waived its sovereign immunity based on the unmarked edge of the roadway with a 9-inch drop, which they alleged was a dangerous ...

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Civil Rights: Public Accommodation-Sovereign Immunity-Liability Insurance

Where a plaintiff, who claimed that she was sexually harassed and assaulted as a kindergartner by other students, sued the school district and three employees, and the school district sought summary judgment on the basis that sovereign immunity barred the ...

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Torts: Federal Tort Claims Act-Discretionary Function Exception-Sovereign Immunity

Where a man, who was severely injured while working in a gravel mine, sued the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act alleging that his injuries were caused in part by a federal mine inspector’s inadequate inspection, the discretionary-function ...

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Negligence: Municipal Liability-Sovereign Immunity-Governmental Act

Where a man injured in a fall from a retaining wall sued the city and individual defendants claiming that the city failed to enforce its building code leading to a dangerous condition, the city was entitled to sovereign immunity because ...

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Civil Practice: Right to Counsel-Indigent Defendants-Sovereign Immunity

Where plaintiffs brought a class action against the state and governor of Missouri and officials of the state’s public-defender system arguing that the state was failing to meet its obligations to provide indigent criminal defendants with meaningful representation, the state ...

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