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Richard W. Hill III, 33

Richard W. Hill IIIAssociate, Lashly & Baer

Location: St. Louis

Practice Areas: Health care, litigation, business and corporate

Law School: Saint Louis University

If he hadn’t been an attorney, Richard Hill might have been a physician. Instead, the onetime biology major protects doctors’ interests in court.

Inspired to pursue a career in the legal profession after becoming aware of frivolous lawsuits filed against his OB-GYN grandfather, Hill now represents doctors in licensure, fraud and abuse matters as well as cases of wrongful recoupment by insurers.

He has become a trusted advisor on everything from HIPAA to Medicare and Medicaid billing to certificates of need, and he regularly takes on cases involving government agencies and licensing bodies. Whether his work involves due diligence on a corporate transaction or negotiating purchase contracts for medical equipment, he has proven invaluable to his clients.

“Rich has also put an emphasis on developing the best ways to represent doctors, providers and other medical entities in situations where federal civil investigative demands are made,” his nominator wrote. “It is a challenging area of law and few attorneys in the region have much experience in it, but Rich has helped lead the representation in several such cases.”

What advice do you have for young lawyers?

Make sure practicing law is something you really enjoy. The law tends to be a jealous mistress.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Not so much career advice, but life advice that has translated well to my career: If you’re going to spend time doing it, you may as well make sure you do it right.

What is your biggest accomplishment this year?

I won my first appellate case before the Missouri Court of Appeals.

What has been your favorite moment as an attorney?

Settling a False Claims Act case for a fraction of the demand.