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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion 2022: Honorees, Publisher’s letter

The individuals we honor through the 2022 Diversity & Inclusion awards do the right thing. They are part of the bedrock that supports a growing foundation of work throughout Missouri’s legal profession.

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Diversity & Inclusion 2022: Noah Garcia

Noah Garcia says that he’s most proud of his pro bono work, including some that helped develop case law in Kansas clarifying procedural service rules for those in the military.

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Diversity & Inclusion 2022: Alexandra Johnson

Alexandra Johnson feels that DEI work is still just getting underway in her area of practice but she hopes her pro bono presentation “Breaking Down Systemic Inequities via Strategic Estate Planning” will help to advance the conversation.

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Diversity & Inclusion 2022: Arindam Kar

Arindam Kar feels that the legal community still sees diversity, equity and inclusion as a separate issue apart from the day-to-day operations of firms.

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Diversity & Inclusion 2022: Kayla M. Loveless

Raised in East St. Louis, Ill., in a family of community service leaders, Kayla Loveless finds that her diversity and inclusion work stems from her upbringing.

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