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Constitutional Law opinion

Constitutional Law: Senate Bills-Constitutional Validity-Single-Subject Requirement

Where a taxpayer challenged the constitutional validity of Senate Bill 638 and 665, arguing that the bills violated the state’s procedural requirements, the trial court did not err in finding that the bills complied with the original purpose and single ...

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Constitutional Law: First Amendment-Bar Dues-Use of Compulsory Dues

Plaintiff filed suit against defendants, alleging the North Dakota bar’s use of his compulsory bar dues to oppose a state ballot measure he supported violated his First Amendment rights. Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. American Federation ...

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Constitutional Law: Zoning-First Amendment-Adult-Business Restriction

Where an adult-oriented business challenged the constitutionality of an Arkansas zoning law that prevented it from opening within 1,000 feet of schools and places frequented by children, the business did not engage in speech and so could not state a ...

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Constitutional Law: Sixth Amendment-Civil Commitment-Self Representation

Where appellant claimed to have a Sixth Amendment and statutory right to proceed pro se when seeking discharge from a civil commitment, the denial of the motion is affirmed because the Sixth Amendment applies only in criminal prosecutions, and the ...

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Elections: Voter ID Laws-Residential Address Requirement-Unconstitutional Burden on Native Americans

Plaintiffs, six Native Americans, filed suit to challenge North Dakota’s voter ID law, which required voters to present an ID containing their current residential address, or to supplement their ID with other certain documents. Plaintiffs argued the law placed an ...

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Environmental Law: Validity of Bill-Composition of Commission-Standing

Where the Missouri Coalition for the Environment and one of its members challenged the constitutional validity of a bill that would change the composition of the state’s clean water commission, the trial court properly dismissed the petition because the coalition ...

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