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Tag Archives: False Imprisonment

Civil Rights: False Imprisonment-Qualified Immunity-Absolute Prosecutorial Immunity

Plaintiff spent an additional eight days in jail after his criminal charges were dismissed. Plaintiff filed suit against the district attorney and others, alleging they were responsible for his delayed release. The district court denied the prosecutor’s motion to dismiss ...

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Civil Rights: False Imprisonment-Falsification of Investigation-Deputized Federal Officer Liability

Defendant appealed the denial of her motions to dismiss plaintiffs’ complaints. Defendant, a local police officer who had been deputized as part of a federal sex-trafficking investigation, was alleged to have exaggerated or fabricated facts against plaintiffs, which resulted in ...

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Civil Rights: Store-Policy Customer Inspection-False Imprisonment-Qualified Immunity

After making a purchase at a home supply store, plaintiff refused to let store employees, pursuant to posted store policy, inspect the trunk of his vehicle. The incident escalated into plaintiff calling the police. Plaintiff and his wife later filed ...

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Torts : False Imprisonment – Battery Claim – Shoplifting Detention

Barkley v. McKeever Enterprises, Inc. (MLW No. 67473/Case No. SC94253 – 37 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Wilson, J.; Russell, C.J., Breckenridge, and Fischer, JJ., concur; Stith., concurs in part and dissents in part in separate opinion; Draper and Teitelman, JJ., concur in opinion of Stith, J.)

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