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Tag Archives: Severance

Criminal Law: Severance-Child Molestation

Where a defendant argued that a trial court erred when it refused to sever resisting-arrest and gun charges from child-molestation and statutory rape charges, the sex offense charges provided the basis for the state to bring the other charges and ...

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Constitutional Law: Picketing-Labor Negotiations-Severance

Where dispatchers claimed statutory prohibitions against picketing violated constitutional rights to equal protection, free speech, peaceable assembly and collective bargaining under the Missouri Constitution, and the trial court declared Section 105.585(2) unconstitutional and enjoined the defendants from applying the prohibition ...

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Criminal Law: Post-Conviction Relief-Effectiveness of Counsel-Severance

Where a defendant argued that the motion court erred in denying his motion for post-conviction relief because his counsel was ineffective for failing to file a motion to sever other counts of statutory sodomy of which he was acquitted, counsel ...

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Criminal Law : Search Warrant –  Particularity –  Severance

State v. Douglass (MLW No. 71415/Case No. SC95719 – 51 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Breckenridge, J.; Draper, Russell and Stith, JJ., concur; Fischer, C.J., dissents in separate opinion filed; Wilson, J., concurs in opinion of Fischer, C.J.; Powell, J., not participating)

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Negligence : Motion To Transfer – Severance – Punitive Damages

Barron v. Abbott Laboratories, Inc. (MLW No. 71022/Case No. SC96151 – 17 pages) (Supreme Court of Missouri, Powell, J.; Draper, Russell and Breckenridge, JJ., concur. Wilson, J., concurs in separate opinion filed; Fischer, C.J., and Stith, J., concur in opinion of Wilson, J.)

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