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Author Archives: Kelly Wiese

Judge weighs Sigillito sentence

A federal judge heard from lawyers and victims Wednesday as part of a sentencing hearing to determine the fate of Martin Sigillito, a St. Louis County attorney and cleric convicted in a $52 million fraud scheme earlier this year. But the final chapter is still unwritten.

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Court upholds O’Fallon win in employment case

A federal appeals court has upheld a judge’s ruling in favor of the city of O’Fallon in a case in which a police officer argued the city violated his First Amendment free-speech rights, among other claims.

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Life insurance pays on accidental death

The sons of a nearly 86-year-old woman who died after a fall struggled in their attempts to collect on her life insurance policies and ultimately reached a roughly $69,000 settlement with the insurance companies, their attorney said.

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Back injury claim settles with insurer

A woman who blamed a back injury on a vehicle collision settled her claims against the other driver for nearly $500,000 without filing a lawsuit, her attorney said.

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Courtside: Lawyers learn from rare visits to other side

Most civil litigation attorneys focus on either plaintiff or defense representation. That’s the side they prefer, or where their experience has led them. But what happens when, through an odd fluke or a favor to a friend, they find themselves representing the other side at a trial?

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Defense wins verdict over backhoe crash

The parents of a young man who died after rear-ending a backhoe early in the morning on a rural highway failed to convince a jury that the backhoe driver was to blame.

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