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Tag Archives: Arbitration Agreement

Contracts: Prescription Drug Benefit Plan-Arbitration Agreement -Class Action

Defendants appealed from the district court’s grant of summary judgment to plaintiff in the parties’ dispute involving their prescription drug benefit plan agreements, with plaintiff having filed suit to block defendants’ demand for class arbitration. The district court ruled that ...

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Missouri Supreme Court rules power of attorney covers arbitration agreement

The Missouri Supreme Court split 4-3 on whether a quadriplegic man was bound by an arbitration agreement that the person to whom he gave power of attorney had signed when admitting him to a nursing home. In its Nov. 19 ...

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Employer-Employee: Disability Discrimination- Arbitration Agreement- Consideration

Defendants appealed the denial of their motion to compel arbitration. Defendants sought to arbitrate plaintiff’s disability-discrimination claim pursuant to an employment agreement. The trial court ruled the arbitration provision in the agreement unenforceable because plaintiff’s at-will employment was not valid ...

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