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Tag Archives: Res Judicata

Consumer Law: Loans-Violations of State Law-Res Judicata

Plaintiff appealed the dismissal of his civil complaint against defendants Where plaintiff’s claims of violations of state law were barred under principles of res judicata, the district court correctly dismissed plaintiff’s complaint. Judgment is affirmed. Wolfbauer v. Ocwen Loan Servicing ...

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Criminal Law: Certificate of Innocence-Successive Petition-Res Judicata

Where an appellant, who achieved a reversal of convictions for federal gambling and money-laundering, petitioned for a second time for a certificate of innocence, the second petition is barred by the doctrine of res judicata, so the judgment is affirmed. ...

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Civil Practice: Res Judicata-ADA Action-Associational Standing

Where a disabled man and a nonprofit organization that represented disabled individuals brought an action against a restaurant alleging ADA violations, the dismissal of the second suit was due to the plaintiffs’ decision to assert associational standing as a co-plaintiff ...

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Civil Rights: 42 U.S.C. §1983-Pre-Service Dismissal-Res Judicata

Plaintiff appealed from the dismissal of his related §1983 actions. In the first action, the district court dismissed the complaint pre-service; in the second case, the district court dismissed on grounds of res judicata and failure to state a claim. ...

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Civil Practice: Res Judicata-Equitable Estoppel-Attorneys’ Fees

Where in a dispute regarding the rights and obligations of the parties to a services agreement, the communications company appellant sought reimbursement of its prepayment for unused support services, the judgment is affirmed because res judicata barred the action, and ...

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