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The POWER List: Intellectual Property Law 2022

Staff Report//December 12, 2022

The POWER List: Intellectual Property Law 2022

Staff Report//December 12, 2022


Intellectual Property Law 2022

In this latest edition of THE POWER LIST, Missouri Lawyers Media examines the state’s most powerful attorneys in intellectual property law. 

We look at practitioners who pursue or defend against claims involving patent applications and infringements, patent licenses, trademarks and trade secrets, copyrights and unfair competition. These are attorneys who have expertise in a dizzying alphabet soup of legislative requirements including the federal TCPA and HIPAA, the EU’s GDPR and California’s CCPA. They often litigate in state and federal court and before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. A number of these attorneys are themselves inventors and patent holders, as well as authors, engineers, scientists, financial experts and professors. Their clients range from inventors developing new technologies in their garages to Microsoft, Sprint, Cerner, Monsanto, Nike and many other top companies.  

We scoured the archives of Missouri Lawyers Weekly, reviewed our database of verdicts and settlements and spoke to attorneys and other leaders to come up with a list of what we believe to be the 32 most powerful environmental and energy attorneys in Missouri. Are there attorneys who should have been included? Are there some you feel don’t belong? Let us know what you think — and watch for further editions of THE POWER LIST throughout the year.

The POWER LIST was written by Senior Reporter Scott Lauck and Staff Reporter Chloe Murdock. Reach Scott at [email protected] or Chloe at [email protected], or Editor Jordan Yount at [email protected]

The POWER List for Intellectual Property Law 2022

Keith J. Bae

Tracy Bornman

Eric Buresh

Judith L. Carlson

J. Bennett “Ben” Clark

Stephen J.  Cosentino

Dan Cox

Kirk A. Damman

Kathryn J. Doty

B. Scott Eidson

Kent R. Erickson

Michael J. Gross

David Jinkins

Michael A. Kahn

Michelle L. Marriott

Jeff Masson

Danielle Merrick

Matthew G. “Matt” Minder

Tara A. Nealey

Saraann Parker

Justin Poplin

David A. Roodman

Pete Salsich III

Lindsey Cohen Schneider

Adam P. Seitz

Mark E. Stallion

Rudy Telscher

B. Trent Webb

Patrick C. Woolley

Sandra J. “Sandy” Wunderlich

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