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The Power List

Personal Injury Law

It’s been a powerful year.

Missouri Lawyers Media launched THE POWER LIST as a regular feature in 2020 as a way to examine the power brokers in various practices within Missouri’s legal community.

This month we’re getting back to our roots with a new POWER LIST that focuses on personal injury lawyers.

Lawyers who handle motor-vehicle collisions, product-related injuries, wrongful-death cases and other cases where plaintiffs suffer physical injuries are among the most visible members of the bar. Their work has the power not only to compensate people for the harm they’ve suffered but also to force companies to change their behavior.

Our editorial team interviewed attorneys and other leaders around the state, reviewed outcomes of significant cases and consulted the archives of Missouri Lawyers Weekly to arrive at our list. The 30 attorneys featured in our original POWER LIST published in July 2020 remain on this year’s list, but we’ve also added a few more whose work is just as influential and cutting edge.

Clearly, our list is inherently subjective. We expected that some readers would disagree with our choices and argue that there were other great lawyers should have been included. Some readers might still think we missed the mark. That feedback informs this list and will continue to help make our future POWER LISTs even better.

The POWER LIST was written by Senior Reporter Scott Lauck and Staff Reporter Jessica Shumaker. Reach them at [email protected] and [email protected].

The POWER List for personal injury law 2021

Louis C. Accurso

James Bartimus

Jeff Bauer

Tim Becker

Scott S. Bethune

Jeff Burns

Terry Crouppen

Grant L. Davis

Leland F. Dempsey

Roger Denton

Dale C. Doerhoff

Tim Dollar

William T. Dowd

J. Kent Emison

James Frickleton

Steven B. Garner

Stephen M. Gorny

  Maurice B. Graham

Amy Collignon Gunn

Edward Hershewe

Lynn R. Johnson

Roger Alan Johnson

Michael Ketchmark

Kristine K. Kraft

Robert Langdon

Kenneth B. McClain

James Montee

Phyllis Norman-Komoroski

James G. Onder

Kirk R. Presley

Gary C. & Anita Porte Robb

John G. Simon

Wm. Dirk Vandever

Kenneth Vuylsteke

The POWER List: Personal Injury 2021