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Tag Archives: age discrimination

Employment: Age Discrimination-Out-of-State Employee

Plaintiff, an Illinois resident, appealed the dismissal of his age-discrimination and retaliation suit against defendants, his Missouri-based former employer. The trial court dismissed the suit after defendants argued that Missouri’s human rights act did not apply to an Illinois employee ...

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Employment: Age Discrimination-Mandatory-Retirement Age-Law-Firm Defendant

Where a law-firm partner brought an action challenging a law firm’s mandatory retirement policy, the judgment for the law firm is affirmed because as an equity partner with various rights and powers, the plaintiff was not an employee as defined ...

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Employment Law: Sex Discrimination-Age Discrimination-Failure to Promote

Plaintiff filed suit against defendant, her employer, alleging that she was effectively demoted and repeatedly denied promotions based on age and sex discrimination. The district court granted summary judgment to defendant on plaintiff’s claims. Where evidence showed that plaintiff’s supervisor’s ...

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Employment Law: Gender Discrimination-Age Discrimination-Pay Discrimination

Plaintiff filed suit against defendants, her employer, in response to defendant cutting plaintiff’s pay and contract after experiencing budget issues. Plaintiff alleged that another male employee with similar duties received a higher salary and that defendants unlawfully changed the terms ...

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Employment Law: Age Discrimination-Retaliation-Pretext

Plaintiff appealed the dismissal of his Age Discrimination in Employment Act and Title VII complaint, arguing that the district court erroneously granted adverse summary judgment on his discrimination and retaliation claims after he established pretext. Where the record supported the ...

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Employer-Employee: Age Discrimination-Voir Dire-Punitive Damages

Plaintiff alleged defendants violated the Missouri Human Rights Act by failing to promote her when she was age 55 over younger, less qualified persons, and retaliated against her by prematurely terminating her temporary positions after she filed her discrimination complaint. ...

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