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The Top 100 POWER List 2022

Each month, Missouri Lawyers Media honors the state’s most powerful attorneys in their respective practice areas, from appellate to white collar defense. At the end of the year, our editorial team reviewed hundreds of Power profiles published in the previous 12 months to find the cream of the crop — the Top 100 attorneys in Missouri and bordering metro areas.  

Are there attorneys who should have been included? Are there some you feel don’t belong? Let us know what you think — and watch for further editions of THE POWER LIST throughout the new year.  

The POWER LIST was written by Senior Reporter Scott Lauck and Staff Reporter Chloe Murdock. Reach Scott at [email protected] or Chloe at [email protected], or Editor Jordan Yount at [email protected]

The Top 100 Power List 2022

Appellate Law

Charles W. Hatfield

James R. Layton

Michael Manners

Jeremiah W. “Jay” Nixon 

William Ray Price Jr.

Edward D. “Chip” Robertson Jr.

Susan Ford Robertson

Booker Shaw

Jonathan Sternberg

Paul N. Venker


Bankruptcy Law

John J. Cruciani

A. Thomas DeWoskin

Robert E. Eggmann 

Paul M. Hoffmann  

Eric Johnson 

David A. Sosne   

Sharon Stolte 


Business Defense

Robert T. Adams

Bill Bay

Gerard T. Carmody

Keith A. Cutler

Jim Foland

John W. Grimm

Lauren Tucker McCubbin

John G. Schultz 


Commercial and Consumer Law

Robert D. Blitz

Don M. Downing

John M. Edgar

Joe Jacobson

Bev Randles

Jerome Schlichter

Norman E. Siegel

Patrick J. Stueve

Heidi Doerhoff Vollet


Education Law

Kenneth C. Brostron

Douglas A. Copeland

Joe Hatley

Thomas Mickes

Cindy Ormsby

Lisa O. Stump

Dana Tippin Cutler


Employment Law

Sally E. Barker

Jerome J. Dobson

Dennis E. Egan

Gene P. Graham

Charlie J. Harris Jr.

Jerry M. Hunter

Vincent Reese

Mary Anne Sedey

Jill A. Silverstein

Ferne P. Wolf 

Family Law

Susan E. Block

Alisse C. Camazine

Joseph E. Cordell

Alan E. Freed

Cary J. Mogerman

Kate Nolen

Allison Schreiber Lee

Health Care Law

Timothy M. Aylward

Kenneth W. Bean

Curt J. Chase

Kirk H. Doan

Dana Frese

Brian D. Malkmus



Richard M. AuBuchon

Amy Blunt

Andrew Blunt

John ‘Woody’ Cozad

Jonathan F. Dalton

Michael R. Gibbons

Kurt U. Schaefer

David A. Shorr

Tricia Workman


Personal Injury Law

Louis C. Accurso

Tim Dollar

J. Kent Emison

Steven B. Garner

Maurice B. Graham

Amy Collignon Gunn

Kenneth B. McClain

Anita Porte Robb

Gary C. Robb

John G. Simon


Tax Law & Estate Planning

Justin K. Gelfand

Steven B. Gorin

Janette Lohman

Mark C. Milton

Sara G. Neill

Donald W. Paule

John W. “Jay” Simpson

Benjamin L. Tompkins


White-Collar Defense

James F. Bennett

Jean Paul Bradshaw II

Edward L. Dowd Jr.

Todd P. Graves

Catherine L. Hanaway

Reginald L. Harris

Stephen L. Hill Jr.

James R. Hobbs

N. Scott Rosenblum

The Top 100 POWER List 2022